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Four Questions with Historian Erika Lee

  Headlines speak of migration crises across the world and of undocumented immigrants crossing borders closer to home. Author, historian, and director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota Erika Lee challenges us to look to the past, drawing parallels between United States history and the current global crisis, asking us to […]

The Great Gustie Gathering 2016

A record crowd attended the 2016 Great Gustie Gathering. This year's Homecoming also celebrated 100 seasons of football. For more, visit Twitter and Instagram: #gogusties #goldandblacktakemeback #gustiehomecoming The Great Gustie Gathering 2016 brought a record crowd of alumni, parents, and friends to campus Saturday to celebrate their years at Gustavus as well as 100 seasons of […]

Nobel Conference 52 to Explore Search for Economic Balance

Held September 27-28, this year’s conference will bring together economists and scholars to discuss the topic “In Search of Economic Balance.”

What I Did This Summer: Minh Le ’19

Lee helped develop audience and social media strategy for the Nobel Conference, and he played a little soccer too.

Dream On: Antonio Gomez ’14

Despite the prolonged suspension of his citizenship status, Antonio Gomez ’14 continues to move forward with tenacity and talent.

NOBEL 52: Why Learn More About Economics?

An essay by Chris Farrell, senior economics contributor for American Public Media’s Marketplace, on how economics helps us make sense of society’s knottiest issues—questions that go to the heart of American and global life.

NOBEL 52: Why Economics Matters

A conversation between Gustavus economics professor and graduate Jeff Owen ’92, renowned economist Deirdre McCloskey (Owen’s graduate school advisor), and Gustavus Adolphus College.

NOBEL 52: Can We Grow Economies That Benefit All?

The 52nd Nobel Conference brings leading economists to Gustavus Adolphus College to explore today’s economics questions: Does inequality matter? Can we bring the prosperity of advanced economies to the rest of the world? How do we grow economies to benefit most, if not all? It all depends on where you start, say the economists attending the conference.

Longtime Gustavus Athletic Director James “Moose” Malmquist Dies At 85

Former Gustavus Adolphus College Athletic Director James “Moose” Malmquist ’53 died Wednesday morning at the age of 85. Funeral arrangements are being made and will be announced soon.

Incoming First-Years: Here’s what to bring.

Philip Rogosheske ’66 showed up to Move-In Day ’62 with this radio. It survived four more years, and then another 50. (It still works.) No need for radios now, with smartphones and laptops, but there is other gear to bring. We asked the experts (Gustavus students and alumni). They answered, with good ideas, total surprises, […]