NorthMarq Internship Opens Doors for Nduwayezu ’23The senior international management major says that her internship taught her to “get connected and be daring.”
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When Bella Nduwayezu ’23 began her summer internship with NorthMarq, she had zero experience in the real estate industry. Now, she’s reviewing loans for top companies like Fannie Mae and gaining valuable experience from the nation’s largest privately held servicer and provider for commercial real estate.

Landing the internship was all about leveraging connections. A fellow Gustavus international student introduced her to UpTurnships, a Minnesota-based college internship program that puts students from underrepresented backgrounds in contact with top companies. The program matched her with a coach who helped her ace her interview with NorthMarq.

When Nduwayezu walked through the door on her first day, she brought with her an array of knowledge from her classes in management, which covered finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and organizational leadership. Moreover, Gustavus fostered a love of learning that prepared her for taking on an unfamiliar subject in a fast-paced workplace.

“I had no background reviewing insurance loans, but I learned how to be patient with myself,” she said. “No one’s an expert after just a week. I told myself I was going to ask questions, get answers, and learn something new. And I don’t just sit when I don’t have anything to do—I always ask for more.”

In addition to her work with NorthMarq, Nduwayezu’s internship experience includes informational interviews with Gustavus alums in fields related to management. Although the prospect of networking with strangers felt daunting at first, the experience has provided her with valuable support from her fellow Gusties. “I get to ask them about their career, but they’re also interested in getting to know me and what I want to do in the future,” she said. “Everyone’s giving me ideas and trying to help me figure out my path.”

She’s found that same support at NorthMarq, where she’s had opportunities to collaborate with fellow interns on internal projects and network with managers across her department. “The culture is so welcoming,” she said. “Now, when I think about what kind of job I want, I find myself valuing the culture and how it will impact my experience.”

After graduation, Nduwayezu wants to keep exploring the commercial real estate industry. Until then, she’s continuing to stay involved in the Gustavus community as a Crossroads CF. She’s also encouraging younger Gusties, particularly international students, to follow in her footsteps and get a head start on building their careers.

“It can be intimidating, looking for internships in the US,” she admitted, “but there are also lots of opportunities for us out there. Don’t wait for people to come to you. I’ve been amazed by how everyone is willing to help when you ask. I feel like I’m not on this journey alone.”


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  1. Reine Marina MARIZA says:

    I’m really happy for her and proud. I know Christa bella since 2014 and I can testify that she’s very consistent in what she does, patient and courageous. I know that many opportunities are waiting her. Thanks to NorthMarq and Gustavus for taking her to a high level. Wish her many success in her career.