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NSF Grant Supports Study of Deliberation in STEM Classrooms

Gustavus communication studies professor Pam Conners and chemistry professor Amanda Nienow will contribute to a project led by a Wabash College team.

Nobel Conference 56 Goes Virtual October 6-7

The 2020 Nobel Conference, Cancer in the Age of Biotechnology, will explore the science and ethics surrounding cutting-edge treatment.

S.4 E.5: Peace and Reconciliation

Learning for Life @ Gustavus host Greg Kaster interviews Gustavus professor of political science and peace studies, Dr. Mimi Gerstbauer.

S.4. E.4: Researching Aging and Long-Term Care

Gustavus alum Joseph Gaugler ’95, Professor and Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Center on Healthy Aging and Innovation there, on the impact of his Gustavus education in psychology, history, and football; the focus, rewards, and policy implications of his research; accessible […]

SSRC Grant Explores COVID-19’s Impact on Marginalized Communities

Professor Maddalena Marinari is partnering on a project to explore the impact of COVID-19 on African, Asian, and Latinx immigrants and refugees.

New Series Tackles History of Race and Christianity in U.S.

Religion professor Sarah Ruble has developed an eight-part series exploring race and Christianity throughout the nation's history.

S.4. E.3: Ni de Aquí Nor from There

Learning for Life @ Gustavus host Greg Kaster interviews Spanish professor and podcaster Angelique Dwyer.

Remembering the BSO

“The Black Room was a kind of a haven, a psychological reprieve in an academic and racially tense situation. It was a cultural escape.” —TR Coverson ’78. Back, l to r: Walter Green ’79, Marylyn Nixon [year unknown], Geraldine (Lafayette) Coverson ’78, Patricia Kelow ’77, Thaddeus Campbell ’77, PJ [unidentified], Eddie Robinson ’76, Michelle (Swann) […]

S.4 E.2: “A Covenant with Death”

Learning for Life @ Gustavus host Greg Kaster interviews preeminent historian of slavery and the law, and president of Gratz College, Paul Finkelman.

S.4 E.1: A Vocation in Education

Learning for Life @ Gustavus host Greg Kaster interviews Crystal Polski '04 of the Minneapolis Public School Disctrict.