Hillstrom Museum of Art Wins Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant

The grant will allow the Hillstrom to complete a general conservation assessment and long-range preservation plan.
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The Hillstrom Museum of Art at Gustavus Adolphus College has been awarded a $6,000 Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage structured legacy grant through the Minnesota Historical Society.

Donald Myers, Director of the Hillstrom Museum of Art, plans to use the grant to fund a general conservation assessment of the Museum and to develop a long-range preservation plan for its collections. The grant will allow Myers to partner with the Midwest Art Conservation Center in Minneapolis, a non-profit regional center for the preservation and conservation of art and artifacts that serves the entire Midwest, to execute the assessment. Throughout the process, Myers and his staff will work closely with professional conservators from the center to plan and undertake the necessary on-site visit to the Museum in order for the assessment to be made, and then will be in consultation as required for the long-range preservation plan to be finalized.

“The ultimate goal is to work towards a new museum structure that has an expanded storage facility,” Myers said. “This will allow us to maintain our collection while being able to continue to add appropriate donations.”

Supported by the grant, the upcoming assessment and partnership will help ensure that the Hillstrom Museum of Art remains one of the best museums in outstate Minnesota. Since the Museum was established 16 years ago, Myers has meticulously expanded the institution’s collections and exhibitions and this grant will aid in the building of this tradition.

“We are very excited to start this next process as it positions us to be more readily able to attain additional support for the Museum and continue to move in a positive direction,” Myers said.

The Minnesota Historical Society’s Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program is made possible with support of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Initiated by a 2008 statewide vote approving the Legacy Amendment, these allotted funds strive to “support projects of enduring value for the cause of history and historic preservation across the state.” More information about the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and legacy grants can be found on the MHS website.

A schedule of exhibitions and more information about the Hillstrom Museum of Art can be found on the Museum website.


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