Gustie Greeters: Their Time to Shine

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Gustie Greeters 2013It’s that time of year again. Yes, first-year student move-in day and New Student Orientation is upon us here at Gustavus Adolphus College and that means it’s time for the Gustie Greeters to do their thing.

The Greeters are a group of 50 sophomores, juniors, and seniors who plan, organize, and lead incoming students through New Student Orientation. Each Gustie Greeter leads activities, discussions, and events during the four-day orientation program, and their responsibilities continue throughout the entire year.

“I see my role as helping the first-year students through those first few days on campus which is really crucial,” senior Gustie Greeter and communication studies and political science double major Stephanie Swanson said. “It’s a hard time for a lot of students with the transition to College and getting used to a new setting, meeting new people, and being away from home for the first time. I’m here to make that transition easier.”

Incoming students are divided into small groups of ten to 15 students, and assigned to a Gustie Greeter. This group of students is also paired with a faculty member, administrator, or staff member to assist the orientation group with discussions and activities all year long.

“Throughout the entire year we act as mentors and leaders and we try to communicate to first-years what Gustavus is as a community,” senior Gustie Greeter and international management major Michael Morimoto said. “My favorite part is meeting the first-year students. When you’re a senior, some of your best friends can be first-year students and that’s what makes Gustavus so awesome.”

Gustie Greeters for 2013-14 include Elizabeth Anderson ’15, Molly Ashwill ’15, Mari Aune ’15, Maura Bremer ’15, Krista Brockberg ’15, Madeline Cacciatore ’14, Mia Cannon ’16, Laurel Carlson ’14, Cameron Clause ’14, Haley Coller ’16, Carl Cronin ’15, Carolyn Draayer ’15, Hanna Engebretson ’15, Kristina Ericksen ’14, Lars Ericson ’15, Luke Fanning ’16, Justin Feit ’14, Zack Gardner ’14, Erin Hansen ’14, Courtney Harbeck ’16, Connor Haugen ’15, Jack Healy ’14, Meghan Heldt ’16, Zach Jensen ’15, Maggie Jones ’14, David Krebs ’14, Hayley Lofquist ’14, Nate McNab ’15, Michael Morimoto ’14, Basra Osman ’15, Sam Paripovich ’16, Katie Pearson ’16, Ashley Petersen ’14, Kelsey Raasch ’15, Shaketta Reliford ’15, Michaela Rice ’15, Kalyna Rieland ’16, Alicia Ryman ’14, Allison Schmidt ’15, Bethany Schulz ’14, Ebrithil Abr Dauth Stokes ’14, Elizabeth Strom ’15, Stephanie Swanson ’14, Delaney Sweet ’16, Joe Thayer ’15, Janelle Thienes ’15, Matthew Timmons ’15, Erin Tollefson ’14, James Urquhart ’15, Amanda Wood ’14, John Yost ’14, and Emileah Zumberge ’14.

Here is a video of the Gustie Greeters in action on first-year student move-in day on Friday, Aug. 30:


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