Video: Changing the World: Justice, Action, and the Meaning of Life

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Change the WorldOne of the more popular January Interim Experience courses over the past eight years has been a class titled “Changing the World: Justice, Action, and the Meaning of Life” taught by Dr. Chris Johnson, the Director for Vocation and Integrative Learning and Associate Director of the Center for Servant Leadership.

This past January, videographer John Noltner followed the class around for a couple of days to chronicle the discussion and activities that make this class so meaningful for those that spend a month of their life thinking about thoughtful responses to the “Big Questions” like: Who am I, and why am I here? What’s my place in the world, and how can my life make a difference? What does my life really stand for? Is my life today contributing to peace and justice? What will be my legacy?

Dr. Johnson and junior communication studies major Kelli Remboldt discuss the meaning and purpose of the class in the video as well as how the class has impacted them personally.

The Changing the World: Justice, Action, and the Meaning of Life course supports the work of the Center for Servant Leadership, a major campus-wide initiative that challenges and equips students, staff, faculty, and friends of the College to learn and work, live and lead from within for the sake of the common good.



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