Six Trustees Pledge Five Million to Endow Faculty Positions

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At a gala dinner for friends of the College on Sept. 23, Gustavus Adolphus College President Jack R. Ohle announced that six members of the College’s Board of Trustees have committed to contribute a combined total of $5 million to the College’s endowment. They designated their support for the establishment of an Endowed Distinguished Professorship as well as endowment to support an existing position within the Department of Economics and Management. The trustee donors choose to remain anonymous but have asked that the positions be recognized as Board of Trustees endowed faculty positions.

“This generous gift supports academic excellence, following through on the College’s Commission Gustavus 150 strategic plan and priorities announced last year,” said President Jack R. Ohle. “Importantly, it provides an exciting example to others and a tone and pace for the philanthropy that will propel the College dramatically forward to its 2012 Sesquicentennial celebration and beyond.”

The Endowed Distinguished Professorship will support the work of an esteemed senior scholar in Economics and Management, for the benefit of Gustavus students, the department, the reputation of the College, and the extramural advancement of the discipline. The distinguished professor will be identified through a national search and will be passionate about undergraduate education and will be a recognized scholar and intellectual leader. The distinguished professor will not only teach but also will devote significant time to writing, publishing, leading symposia, and other activities. 

The additional endowment support will go to fund an existing faculty position in Economics and Management. The endowment will support instruction as well as additional related extracurricular public colloquia, programs, and presentations on campus. This Endowed Chair will be held by an existing faculty member, and all holders of the chair will be appointed for three-year terms. Additional resources will be available through the endowment to support the extracurricular activities of the chair.

“These two faculty positions will develop and sustain academic excellence for generations to come,” said Dr. David Fienen, Provost and Dean of the College. “The Endowed Distinguished Professor will bring expertise and insight to bear on the teaching and learning environment at Gustavus, and will help develop and articulate a vision for the department for the next five to ten years. The Endowed Chair position will enable an existing faculty member to contribute in new ways to the College’s continued strength and growth in Economics and Management. Both of these positions reflect the strategic planning of the department.”


Media Contact: Director of Media Relations and Internal Communication JJ Akin


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