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Lupe Olague ’26 Named 2023 St. Lucia

The 2023 St. Lucia Court After being nominated by her peers with five other sophomore women based on service to others, strength of character, courageous leadership, and compassion, Lupe Olague ’26 was selected as the 2023 honoree after a campus-wide vote. The College celebrated the 83rd anniversary of the tradition on December 7 in Christ […]

Christmas in Christ Chapel Marks 50 Years at Gustavus

Written by Alex Ogle ‘27 As the season turns toward winter and the days grow shorter, hundreds of Gustavus students, faculty, and staff work tirelessly to gift the world the remarkable celebration of Christmas in Christ Chapel. This has become a widely loved tradition that has been bringing the community together for half of a […]

Gusties Showcase Their Artistic Creativity

The 2023 All-Student Juried Exhibition runs through Wednesday, Nov. 22 in Schaefer Art Gallery. I walk by the Schaefer Art Gallery every day. Normally, I don’t enter this building, as I’m usually on my way to cello practice or orchestra rehearsal in Bjorling Hall, just across the sidewalk. This, Gusties, is a mistake. This gallery […]

The First Impressions of First-Year Gusties

Once Move-In Day ends, first-year Gusties dive into a whole new world. After waving a final tearful goodbye to their parents after move-in, many first-years are left with the frightening yet exhilarating year ahead. From changing dynamics with parents to learning how to share a 11’x15’ room with a stranger, the beginning of college is […]

First-Term Seminars Aren’t Just Academic

Lauren Hecht, FTS director, said the seminars provide students with skills they'll need well past their first year at Gustavus. Many colleges offer classes that help their first-year students get comfortable with the unfamiliar pace of higher education. Gustavus supplements this by utilizing the maturity and leadership qualities of our older students to make the […]

Enriching the Liberal Arts Through Music

The Gustavus Symphony Orchestra in a less "orchestral" moment. More than a decade before I arrived at Gustavus, when I was in third grade, they forced me to play cello. I was a student at a Waldorf school, an alternative educational philosophy that believes in tying a young person’s education to the way they play […]