S.1 Trailer: Welcome to Learning for Life @ Gustavus!

Learning for Life @ Gustavus host Greg Kaster introduces listeners to the new podcast.
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In this trailer for Learning for Life @ Gustavus, a new podcast from Gustavus Adolphus College, host Greg Kaster introduces listeners to the podcast and what to expect from season one.

Season 1, Trailer: Welcome to Learning for Life @ Gustavus!


Greg Kaster:

Podcast host and historian Greg Kaster

Hello and welcome to this new podcast, Learning for Life @ Gustavus, developed and distributed by Gustavus Adolphus College, a national liberal arts college founded in 1862 and located in the Minnesota River town of Saint Peter, Minnesota, 75 miles southwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul. I’m Greg Kaster, professor of history at Gustavus, principal creator of the podcast, and your host.

The immediate impetus for this series was an unrecorded interview I did on campus a few years ago with a distinguished Gustavus alum and past board member, who, together with his wife—also a Gustavus graduate—generously funded construction of the wonderful classroom and office building in which several academic departments including mine are housed. Conducted before a full audience of faculty, students, and administrators, the interview was lively and covered numerous topics including the rewards of a fine liberal arts education.

It was also just plain fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the guests and audience seemed to as well. Afterward, a colleague kindly encouraged me to consider podcasting and that got me pondering how I might do exactly that, with a series highlighting the diverse and creative work and thinking that make Gustavus the wonderfully stimulating and transformative place of learning for life that it is.

With the encouragement of some faculty colleagues and our marketing and advancement offices, I recorded the first episode in early March 2020. While the series has a Gustavus focus, my intention and hope is that attracts not only an audience of people associated with the College, but a broad listenership of people interested in hearing a first-rate liberal arts college faculty—as well as current students, alumni, administrators, staff, trustees, and distinguished visitors to campus—speak about their work, ideas, learning, aspirations, and personal stories as well as about pressing, present-day challenges and their potential solutions.

The guests and topics are varied and reflect the intellectual vitality and creativity both on the Gustavus campus today and among its many alumni. They are also, I hope you will agree, quite stimulating, compelling, and inspiriting. Each episode, moreover, stands on its own. And with that, again welcome, and I invite you to listen, learn, and enjoy.

Learning for Life @ Gustavus is produced by JJ Akin and Matthew Dobosenski of the Gustavus Office of Marketing; Will Clark, senior communication studies major and videographer at Gustavus, who also provides technical expertise to the podcast; and me, your host, Greg Kaster. The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily those of Gustavus Adolphus College.


Media Contact: Director of Media Relations and Internal Communication JJ Akin


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