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The Cultural Vote

The outcome of the 2004 American presidential election was based in cultural issues says Professor Karen Larson. The election turned out a group of voters with a coherent vision of American culture, and they came out to assert it.

America Still in a Post-9/11 Cultural Haze

"Three years after 9/11, America remains in a cultural haze, with more confusion than clarity about how to respond to terrorism-either foreign or domestic," says Karen Larson, professor of anthropology and interdisciplinary studies.

Is Ohio Sniper Suspect Mentally Ill?

Everyone wants to know if the Ohio sniper suspect is clinically mentally ill. If he is, Americans will likely dismiss him as a "nut," and stop thinking about him as a member of a troubled culture, says Karen Larson, a cultural anthropologist and professor.

Ricin in the Senate, Crime or Terror?

Karen Larson, who has researched the relationship between terrorism and American culture for the past 10 years, says, "Concepts of crime and terrorism, since 9/11, have been merging in American consciousness. In the wake of anthrax and snipers, the two ide