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Aquatic Stewardship Class Gets Students Hooked on Fly Fishing

Taught by biology lab instructor Eric Elias, this January Term class instills in students an appreciation for local waters.

January Term Reflections

Gustavus alumni who also serve as faculty and staff at the College reflect on their own January Term experiences.

January Term Course Explores Why Museums Matter

Taught by biology instructor Katie Peterson ’10, students in the January Term course “Museums Matter” are exploring a diverse array of museums.

Astrobotany Course Explores Plants at the Extremes

Students in the January Term course Astrobotany explore the possibility of growing plants on Mars and in space. Astrobotany, the study of plants in space, dares to ask if the fields and forests of Earth could one day thrive on other worlds. In this January Term course taught by biology instructor Reina Nielsen ’16, students […]

Vocation Theme for 2006 Interim Experience

The 2006 Interim Experience, formerly January Term, focuses on vocation. Each year a specific theme is chosen. Throughout the month-long term, students learn more about vocation through various activities in and out of the classroom.